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For anyone operating in the construction sector, arranging and managing insurance can be a complex and time consuming task. The need for a range of covers - from contractors all risks and professional indemnity, to non-negligence liability and building warranties cover - can mean working with multiple brokers. That can leave you relying on conflicting guidance and patchy industry knowledge - or worse, exposed by gaps in your cover or overpaying for cover you don’t need.

Make no mistake, avoiding those pitfalls is vitally important. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a construction company, operating as a construction contractor, working as a sole tradesman or as a consultant - securing the right insurance at the right price is about protecting your livelihood against the unexpected.

Standard Covers

  • Combined liability (employers liability and public liability).

  • Management liability.

  • Contract works.

  • Plant (owned and hired in).

  • Fleet.

  • Pollution.

  • Terrorism.

  • First and third party cyber and crime.

  • Bonds.

  • Employee fidelity.

  • Legal expenses.

Optional Covers

  • Professional indemnity.

  • Non negligence liability.

  • Airside liability.

  • Structural warranties.

  • Management liability.

  • First and third party cyber and crime.

  • Protections and employee benefits.

  • Financial loss.

  • Credit.

  • Right of light.

  • Insurance backed guarantees.

  • Advanced loss of profit.

One Specialist. Simpler Construction Cover

Working with us at Stonebridge can help you avoid these pitfalls, by relying on one specialist broker for all your insurance needs. We’ll make it easy to understand the cover you need and give you access the right insurance products - and you’ll get outstanding, responsive service throughout the lifetime of your policy.

Our team of construction insurance specialists knows the industry inside out - whether you’re a homebuilder, a demolition contractor or anything in between, they are on hand to advise on the risks you and your customers face and how best to minimise and insure against them.

Crucially, we can help you better protect against unusual risks too. We have access to a wide range of products - including specialist covers like structural warranty and unrestricted height and depth policies - some of which are only available from a select few brokers nationwide.

In addition, through our relationship with Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, we can offer access to enhanced policy wordings that may not be available from our competitors.

Get a quote 01372 724747

Service: Expert Advice and Guidance

Aside from making it easier to arrange comprehensive, affordable construction insurance, we can help navigate the complex issues that can affect your insurance cover. That includes guidance on:

  • JCT contracts and associated insurance responsibilities – to make sure your insurance is appropriate to your specific contract.
  • Producing documentation to satisfy contractors, lenders and clients.
  • Health & Safety - providing pro-active advice and support and giving you access to online training and management of the whole process.
  • Minimising the impact of a loss - we can provide a toolkit to help build your own disaster recovery plan.
  • Changes in legislation and regulation - regular updates and guidance to make sure you’re always up to date.
  • Where responsibility lies for insuring contract works and existing structures.
  • The insurance arrangements of other parties involved in a contract - we offer a free checking service to ensure their cover doesn’t leave you exposed.

As your trusted in-house insurance manager, we make sure your insurance evolves as your business grows, reviewing your policies every year to make sure your insurance keeps pace.

Related FAQs

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How much cover would be needed for keyman insurance?

This would depend on your specific business needs which we would discuss together. This could be a multiple of profits, a multiple of salary or turnover. Your accountant would be able to provide this information to you.

How do I know how much shareholder cover is needed?

We recommend you speak to your accountant who will help to establish the value of the business. The amount of cover should equal the market value of each owner’s share of the business.

What is keyman insurance?

It is a life insurance where critical illness cover can also be included to protect your business against the loss of profit should a key employee pass away or be diagnosed with a critical illness. You can also protect against the loss of a key employee to protect a debt, and it could also help towards the costs of employing and training new personnel.

Who could be classed as a key employee?

Key employees can be regarded as individuals whose knowledge, skills, experience, key relationships or leadership are very important to a business’ future financial success. These can be a senior manager, top sales person, technical specialist, business founder.

What is shareholder protection?

Shareholder protection is a life or life and critical illness policy that will pay out a lump sum that the remaining shareholders use to purchase the deceased shareholders shares from their estate.

Who should consider a relevant life policy?

Directors could take out the cover to provide a ‘death in service’ benefit, without having to take out a scheme to cover all employees. It helps to retain employees and ensure should the worst happen, their loved ones are financially cared for.

What is a relevant life policy?

It is a term assurance available for employers to provide employees with a ‘death in service’ benefit. It provides a lump sum payment on death and there can be many tax advantages to both the employer and employee for this type of policy.

What are the benefits of a relevant life policy?

No National Insurance contributions on premiums and corporate tax relief for the business itself. For their employee there will be no National Insurance contributions on premiums or benefits. The benefits are not taxed as a benefit in kind and importantly the benefits do not count towards annual or lifetime allowances tax benefits.

Who can take out a relevant life policy?

UK resident businesses. These businesses can be a limited companies, a limited liability partnership or sole trader. Company directors can take out cover with the limited company paying for this.

How much does keyman cover cost?

The cost would be dependent on the amount and term of the cover, age, smoking status. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

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