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Helping you find the right insurance for your prestige or cherished cars.

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Finding the right insurance for prestige cars can be a time consuming, frustrating process. It’s possible to spend hours searching online and still end up with limited options - often expensive covers that are hard to compare.

Specialist covers can be difficult to understand, often their warranties and conditions are best understood and explained by insurance experts.

At Stonebridge, we offer all our high and mid net worth clients help with their personal insurance needs as well as their business cover. 

Standard Covers

  • Comprehensive - accidental damage, fire & theft, windscreen.

Optional Covers

  • Annual wedding hire cover in respect of cherished cars.

  • Breakdown cover.

  •  High net worth household cover.

Motor Cover for High Net Worth Clients

We're here to take on the hard work of finding the right policy to cover your prized vehicles, explaining the options to you in plain English so you can make an informed choice.

The end result will be insurance you can be confident in - comprehensive cover for you and your family without the need to spend hours searching online.

You’ll get cover that’s tailored to you. That could include specialist extras like replacement lock cover. continental use, cherished number plate cover and reinstatement repair - and a policy that’s written on an agreed value basis to eliminate any nasty surprises if you need to make a claim.

Similarly through our relationship with Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, we can offer access to enhanced policy wordings that may not be available from other brokers.

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What is Keyman insurance?

It is a life insurance where critical illness cover can also be included to protect your business against the loss of profit should a key employee pass away or be diagnosed with a critical illness. You can also protect against the loss of a key employee to protect a debt, and it could also help towards the costs of employing and training new personnel.

Who could be classed as a key employee?

Key employees can be regarded as individuals whose knowledge, skills, experience, key relationships or leadership are very important to a business’ future financial success. These can be a senior manager, top sales person, technical specialist, business founder.

How much cover would be needed for Keyman?

This would depend on your specific business needs which we would discuss together. This could be a multiple of profits, a multiple of salary or turnover. Your accountant would be able to provide this information to you.

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