Group Private Medical Insurance

Protect the health and well-being of your staff, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism through fast access to private treatment.

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There’s no doubt that sickness or other medical issues affecting your staff can reduce productivity and cause a loss of revenue.  Offering private medical cover as an employee benefit can have many upsides, including improving employee satisfaction helping to make it easier to attract and retain staff.

Crucially, it can help protect the business from the effects of employee ill-health and prolonged or repeated absence. Private medical cover can help get employees back to work more quickly by offering fast access to treatment at private hospitals.

Protect your staff and your business

Private medical insurance can protect your health, and the health of your staff, by providing fast access to private treatment.

Following a referral letter from a GP, covered employees can visit a private hospital to receive treatment from experienced consultants, surgeons and specialists.

Why arrange group private medical through Stonebridge?

At Stonebridge we have long experience of arranging employee benefits schemes for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  When it comes to group medical cover, we can help you to ensure it is:

  • Affordable – If the business pays for cover, it will be benefit from potentially generous ‘bulk discounts’. Alternatively, the business can make the cover available but ask employees to pay for it themselves.
  • Tailored for you – Whether yours is a small firm or a large national organisation, we can help set up a scheme that’s right for you.

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