What you need to know before booking time away

Posted 27/10/20

The government’s back and forth decisions on which countries make it onto the quarantine exemption list have left many Brits unsure where and when they can go abroad for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

One in five have cancelled trips this year due to quarantine restrictions being imposed on their destination after having already booked, with only 9% hoping to make it anywhere in 2020.

Should you be considering booking some time away, we’ve prepared a few questions that you need to clear up before investing time and money planning your next vacation.

Can I get money back or do I have to accept credit?

In the situation where your airline cancels the flight or your package holiday is cancelled, you are legally entitled to a full refund.

This means you don’t have to accept a voucher or credit note, and you certainly don’t have to feel pressured into rebooking before you’re ready to commit again.

Should I expect the airline to issue a refund?

If your flight is cancelled, it is on the airline to process your refund.

You have at least 12 months in which to make a claim.

So, if it’s taking a little longer than usual due to higher demand, be aware that you also have the option to try to claim through your debit or credit card provider, or where used, PayPal.

What happens if the airline doesn’t cancel my flight, can I still claim a refund?

If your airline does not cancel the flight – even with the FCO warning against travel – it is unlikely you will receive a refund, so you will need to request to rebook for a later date for free.

What about a refund for my accommodation?

For hotel bookings, you are due a full refund where the hotel has closed.

This should also apply where the hotel is open, but government restrictions prevent your from getting to your accommodation.

Whilst bookings through Airbnb and Booking.com have had their cancellation fees waived for those unable to go away because of the outbreak.

Before you travel, make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

If you have any uncertainties or concerns about your holiday cover, refer to GOV.UK for the latest information.

Posted 27/10/20

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